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Targeting Generation Z

#1 Live Stream Advertising Platform

Our Brands/Etailers Solution

Reinvent your marketing strategy with the next generation of innovative, non-intrusive, ad-less experience
Reach highly engaged Gen Z and millennials through their favorite streamers.
100% Federal Trade Commission and Competition, Markets Authority compliant.

Live Stream Advertising Platform

Measurable success

Closely monitor the sentiment reflected from the viewers and the intent of the conversations. Identify your brand’s and product’s mentions and the topics and the trends watchers are proactively talking about

Don't stand behind the rest. Learn more about the new frontier of influencer marketing

Show a product or brand

Smart success measurement in-real time.
Leverage an innovative, evolving, and growing market

Video games and esports have become key to connect with Gen Z and millennial consumers.
Streamers command huge, highly engaged audiences.

Get millions of views for your specific product or brand, target enthusiastic audience that wants to mimic the streamer.


Don’t annoy the viewers with intrusive ads which cause negative sentiment about your brand.

Discover new worlds.