Finding Your Niche on Twitch

Twitch As Your Platform For Content Drawing in nearly two million broadcasters every month and boasting over 100 million active users, both viewers and streamers, Twitch has become the premier platform for daily live content consumption. With data retrieved from Streamlabs, Twitch holds a massive 43% share in all video game content revenue and generates […]

Future of Twitch

Future Focused: What’s the Sitch with Twitch? It’s been quite a while since Twitch hit the scene, and it didn’t take too long for it to become clear that it was here to stay. Becoming what is unarguably the largest livestreaming platform available, it begs the question: “what keeps Twitch such an unassailable giant after […]

Scheduling, Streaming, Sleeping

“Life-work balance.”  Now, I know what you’re thinking. Shouldn’t it be work-life balance? Let me explain the difference and why one motto is preferable over the other. “Work-life balance” implies that work comes before actually living. Contemporary society seems to feed off of hustle culture and checking off as many things as possible on a […]

You are a Brand

What is self-branding and why is it important? Self-brand is like fusing perceptions of yourself with perceptions of how others see you. Ultimately, it can be a great way to help control perceptions, and it’s especially apparent during the pandemic as digital presence becomes more important than ever. Platforms like Zoom have been integrated into […]

Ads as Content and Content as Ads

All About Burnout It’s no shocking surprise that in the digital age, advertising truly is everywhere. Consumers online often find themselves inundated with advertisements from every angle. In fact, the average consumer is exposed to around 4,000-17,000 banner ads online daily, but only pays attention to around half that amount. The number of devices with […]

Gaming Influencers

Power Of Gaming influencers You Should Know About The growth seen in the gaming industry in the last few months can be directed to several streams- the pandemic, mergers and acquisitions between industries, and even new technology. However, another source that is often looked past consists of gaming influencers, better known as streamers. Video game […]

Christopher Honour, Blizzard Entertainment Community Manager’s spotlight

Christopher Honour – Community Manager of Blizzard For our first Spotlight, let me introduce you to Christopher Honour, Community Manager of Blizzard Entertainment’s Latin American Team. During our interview, Honour gave insight into the life of a Community Manager at a highly successful gaming company, going into depth about what led him to this role, […]

Gameplay surges and deal-making flows

History Of Gameplay Surges and deal-making flows In the last several months, the gaming industry had flourished through unseen mergers and acquisitions, allowing some of the small and upcoming businesses to partner with larger, more successful corporations. This has been not only due to the increased user activity due to the pandemic, but rather also […]

Brands’ new playground: e-sports and gaming

Gamers and Esports – The Newest Playground For the Brands If money makes the world go ‘round, brands are the energy supply to make it spin. The brands we recognize and choose to stick with are constantly influencing our decisions, whether we realize it or not. Every aspect of what we do on a daily […]

Collaborations Between the Entertainment Sectors and the Gaming Industry

Gaming Industry and Entertainment Sectors Collaborations Due to COVID-19, some of the biggest events in 2020 have been cancelled, including countless sports and music events. However, this has given rise to the era of live music concerts on video games, allowing performers to collate and partner with game developers and publishers. Such opportunities allow gaming […]